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Hey. As you all know I have had problems with my blog for a long time and I still have not figured out why but anyways. So a few days ago I made a new blog for me so that you guys can keep up with my life here. So for you guys that want to continue reading about my interesting life click the link that I am going to post on this post. I will also put the blog link on the side bar by the other links so that you can find it from there easy. 

I am sorry for this but I really want to continue posting on a blogg and I am just so mad that this blog wont work. 

Hope you all have a great day!!! <3333




Hey Readers. I am so sorry I have not been writing for a long time. Actually I have been super busy lately. I have had a yearbook deadline and I had to finish two pages for that one. I had to take pictures and write texts. I have also been trying to figure out my pictures from the fall break. There are so many pictures from that week so If I am only post in the best ones I would probable post like 80 pictures. Oh and I am just saying right now that this post is going to be super long so if you don't want to reed long texts, you can just leave this page right now! :)

On Tuesday we were out of school because of election day. So I spent the night between Monday and Tuesday at Cristina's place. The next morning we left to Nashville with her mum. We jus walked around at the Broadway. We ate at a really cute restaurant but the food was not that good. I found my perfect cowboy boots. They had everything that I wanted for the boots. The were light brown, had small heels and they had small cute carvings in them. The point by the toe was not the pointy which is good. So I was so happy when I found them in my size. But I got my heart broken. The prize was 305 dollars. And I am not paying that much for a pair of cowboy boots. Even though they looked so good. 
Today it is Friday and I am so happy. I am going to try to have a movie night at my house with a couple of friends but I am not sure yet. I will tell you about that later.
Lately it has been getting colder outside. Two weeks ago on friday we went to FCHS's last football game and it was freezing outside. At one point it started snowing but it snowed for like 10 seconds so not that much. It was fun though. After the game I had a sleepover with some friends in our guesthouse. That was awesome. So this morning it was 4 degrees celsius outside and yes that felt cold. But I am still not going to start wearing my winter jacket. I am saving that for later. I don't know why but inside the school it is freezing. The students always say that it is too hot inside and that they want the air-condition on, so guess what happens when I am the only one who don't wants that. They are so used to having cold inside over here. One day this week I thought I was going to die because I was so cold. The same is in our house at home. It is so cold inside that when I get home I always need to put more clothes on. Sometimes it feels like it is colder inside than outside. 
So I finally have everything set up with my phones. But guess what? That I dropped my phone in the toilet was not enough. Ofcourse my bankcards decided to stop working. One of my cards has not been working for 2 weeks now and some happiness happened yesterday. I was able to use my other card. 
A few weeks ago I was feeling really homesick. But I have awesome friends over here that really help me with that. I don't know why but the organization told us not to keep that much contact with family and friends back in Finland. But I feel that it actually helps me to talk to them. So right now I am feeling pretty good again. It really goes in waves. The hardest part is to see friends and family here being with their closest ones, when mine are spread all over the world. Thank god for Internet, Skype and FaceTime. 
Also my two favorite bands are having concerts here in Tennessee. But as I am so smart and saving mine and my dear parents money ;) I decided not to spend money to go and see them. Daughtry is having their concert in 10 days and Nickelback is having their in March. So I might have time to get together money to that one. 
One thing that really suck is that we changed the times on the clocks here like a week ago and in Finland they changed it 2 weeks ago and in Australia 3 weeks ago (I think). So before we changed times it was pretty good with all time difference. But right now it is really annoying. Between me and Daniela there are many hours so when I get up in the morning, she goes to sleep and before I go to sleep, she is in school or sleeping. So that is not that great. 
I just have to point something out again. I HATE THE DRESS CODE!!! I am just so mad that we can't wear anything with pattern on. No words to describe how much I hate that. Also about the school and everything I can tell you with happiness that I have done 2/6 of my after school detentions. The reason why I have those are because I have been late a few times. At first, when I had been late 3 times, I got 2 ASD (after school detentions). An then when I was late another time I got four more. So I had 6 detentions. Great. For one hour, two days a week, for 3 weeks I am spending time in a classroom doing nothing else than sitting on a chair staring into a blank white wall. AWESOME!
I just have to open my heart about something. Except for this one boy... There are 3 series that I LOVE! Revenge, Pretty Little Liars and Paradise Hotel Sverige. I just can't get enough of these tv-series. The problem is that Revenge and PLL are not publishing any episodes in a few weeks so I just have to wait. I just love Paradise Hotel. It is so stupid but it is so entertaining to watch their dramas and trouble. And some of those people on that program are so stupid (sorry!) but for example Ylva with her svengelska. It is horrible but fun. LOL
OKay I think I am done for todays writing. I am going to get back on the same track that I was on a few weeks ago. 
I hope you guys have a great day, week, month, year and life :) hahaha
Finland if you are reading this. I love you guys and miss you so much. 
btw. Sorry Mummi, Mufi, Famo och Fafa for not writing about my life here. I know you guys read my blog. And if you guys are texting to my phone, I get the text message but I can't text you back. I don't have International message so I can't send messages over seas. But I am really thankful for your messages. Love you guys! <3


Hey everyone (if there is anyone left that is reading my blog after my absence) 

On sunday evening we went with some friends out to watch a movie. We went to the drive-in theather. We were like the only ones there. hahaha. But it was fun! I have had school and my first homework. Had a few art things to do and I also have one week left to finnish my yearbook pages. Yesterday Mum had birthday and I missed home alot. I was a bit emotional in class but I have alot of great friends that helped me. love u guys (if u reed this)

Anyways I dont really have that much to tell u guys. Have around 80 pictures to post so I am going to see how I will do that! :)

bye <3 


hey again

Yayyy It works again. I am soo happy. I have no idea why it has not been working until now. But now it is again. Okay so I still have a lot of pictures to post from the fall break and I am going to do that at some point. The last week I have not really been doing anything special. Finally I got my new phone so I am back in business. On friday we went with Cristina to Lincoln County High Schools homecoming game. We meet alot of new people and had a good time. After that we went to Cristinas place to spend the night. Yesterday evening I spent with a couple of friends and today I have been chilling out at my house and in a few hours I am meeting up with friends again. This week on Friday, I think, we have the first deadline in yearbook and I am freaking out about that. I am not even close to been done. So stressed. On friday I got my report and I was really happy. One B and the rest A's :)

bye <3

Hey y‘all

I am just testing if it works to post on the blog!

Homecoming week!

Hey everyone.

Right now I am in school writing this post. I am having forensics and we are not doing anything so I desided to write a post. Okay so the reason why I have not been writing is that I think my computer got hacked. My phone have not been showing any sign of life so that sucks...

This week in school  we are having homecoming week  which means that we are having dressup days and a peprally, a parade and a football game. Usually the schools here have a homecoming dance but FCHS does not have it. I dont know why. I think i\t is boring that they dont have it. The dressup days have been interesting. On monday we had 'Merica Monday, tuesday was favorite consert/band t-shirt and yesterday it was 60's/hippie day. Today it is favorite movie character day and tomorrow we have FCHS spirit wear. 

So on Monday I was dresscoded. It was 'Merica Monday, which means that you should wear the pattern of the flag and the colours were supposed to be red, white and blue. So I wore a plad that was red, blue and white. And ofcourse I was dresscoded because we are not allowed to wear pattern clothes. But on a paper for the homecomingweek it said that this week was supposed to be a exception. So yeah. I was a bit pissed off that day. I had to wear some old solid white t-shirt the whole day. Almost half of the school were dresscoded because the plads so.... 

On Tuesday I wore a balch t-shirt with The 1975's logo on it. On Wednesday I wora a tie dye and a flower crown. Toady i am not wearing anything special and I still dont know what to wear tomorrow. 

Today after school I am going to the phone store to see if they can save everything that I had on my phone. I will probably have to buy a new phone...  great...

Tomorrow me and Cristina are checking out of school in the middle of the day to get to the parade. After that we are going to one of my friends to  get ready for the game and after the gane we are going to a sleepover. I am not sure what I am doing on Saturday but I might go to Nashville with Cristina and her family or then I might just stay at home and then go to a birthday party to one of my friends. i dont know yet.

Talk to you later!

Miss you Finland!! <3

Should have bought that waterproof case...

Hey guys. I am home and safe after a week of fall break. It feels like I have been doing so much and that I have had plans everyday. I have maybe 700 pictures from this fall break that I would like to post. Right now I am super mad at myself because I have been without wifi for 4 days and when I finally had the oppertunity to have wifi I dropped the phone in the toilet. So my phone is in a bag of rise right now. I hope that it is going to work because otherwise I will loose all of my pictures and I wont have a phone. I dont know what to do. I had plans on friday with a few friends but we desided to stay at my cousines farm a bit longer and when I did not have wifi I could not tell them that so they probably hate me. I am begging that my phone will work because I dont want to loose my pics and everything and I dont want to buy a new phone again. I will try to update again tomorrow about what is going on.

Night <3


nashville is zoo cool!

Hey guys! I have done soo much these last days and I have so many pictures but I have so little time right now to write a post. I am really tired right now and we have a lot of things to do tomorrow as well. Program all the time. So you guys are probably going to hear everything I have done when I have time to write about it and upload all the pictures. It is probably going to be on Saturday or on sunday. If so I might have time thursday evening or friday morning to write but I dont know. I am going to sleep now. Have a nice day Y'all XD

PS. The last post was written by my cousines from Nashvuille. They are awesome! BYE <3

I speek fluent sarcasm

Hi this is Taylor,  Stella is awesome!!!! She´s staying with us this week and so far it has been pretty fun. I can´t wait to go to Rock City with her! I hope this week continues as it has been it keeps getting more fun as time goes by!!!!


Hey this is Grace, Taylor´s twin.

Stella is now my cousin. she is so fun.

We are going to Rock City for fall break! yay!

She taught my friends and I a few words in Finnish and Swedish.

she also showed us songs sung in Finnish.

I love Stella! 

Fall break is finally here

So today the Fall break started. I am so exited for this break. Tomorrow morning we are leaving at 6 in the morning to drive down to Atlanta. In Atlanta we are going to The World Of Coca. And to the Olympic Stadium. After that to the CNN Center. At 4 we are going to Cirkue De Solei (I dont know how to write it). I am so exsited for the whole day. Between the program we are probably just going to drive or walk around in Atlanta. The night we are staying at a hotel and the next day we  are leaving for Nashville. Dont know if we arre doing something else but I will figure that out at some point. 

In Nashville we really dont have any exact plans yet. I know we are going to some plases but I am not sure yet. Next week we are going to stay at a hottel and a few nights with my cousines. We have some plans for the week but they are not sure yet. On Thursday evening we should get home and it is also Mums birthday so we are probably going to celebrate it at some point. On friday I think I am going to hang our with a friend. Not sure yet but I will find something out. I am going to take my computer with me but I am not sure if there is wifi so I dont know if I am going to be able to post. If not I will tell everything when I get home. 

So yesterday I went to the hairdresser and put some highlights in my hair. I am really happy with my hair. I have pictures but I think I am posting them later. Today in school it was nice that that many people said something about my hair. Made me so happy. One thing that makes my day is when a really cute boy, that you really dont know, comes up to you in the hall and sais that you look beautiful. That happened to me and it just made my day. Yesterday in school we also had a bomb treath, that was creepy. The whole school out on the football field in 45 degrees celsius and no wind at all. PAIN. So we sat o9utside for like 45 minutes until the bomb team realized that there was no bomb. Someone wrote something in the bathroom about a bomb just to get to skip class. Worst idea ever.

Now I am going to go to sleep because I am super tired. Night everyone <3

-Stella :)



Hey everyone. So right now I dont have anything else to tell you than I am super excited for fall break. Cant wait! I also have a few other blogs that my friends from Finland is writing. They are also exchange students around in the world. 

Andrea is spending her exchange year in Huelva,Spain (

Erin is spending her year abroad in Esquel, Argentina (

Nadia is spending her year in Spain (

This was a really short post. Bye! :)))






dresscode sucks (sorry for the bad word)


This past few days have been pretty good.

Friday was awesome. First school and then to Burger King with a couple of frineds and then to Oldham Theather to watch Maze Runner. I really love that movie. Dylan O'Brian <3 he is my maaan! After that we just walked around at the Square with friends. After that I went home and got some beauty sleep.

In the morning it was time for pictures. One of mums frineds from work was going to take pictures of Cristina, Sierra and me. Me and Cristina needed then for our senior pictures and just because it was fun. We took a lot of pictures at different places. I have nott seen the pictures yet but I will post them when I get them. After the photos were taken we went to John T's BBQ and ate. After we ate we went to try on prom dresses just for fun. It was cool. Did not find my dream dress but a few really cute ones! Then we went home. In the evening Cristina came to our place and we went to Bethanys house and saw a movie. It was fun. After the movie we came to my house and did some stuff and then we went to bed. 

When we woke up on sunday and had45 minutes to get ready for church. After church we went to get some allergie medicin to Cristina. Then we drove her home and I face timed with my family. Älskar er!! <3 After that we went to Murfeesboro for a small family party. When we came home I made school lunch for today and made brownies. Before I made the brownies we went to Walmart to get some ingredience. I taught Sierra a few phrases in swedish. hahahah. it was so much fun XD.

Today I have been really tired and rn I am just chilling because I dont have any homework.

Bye <3


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This is what we do in yearbook! XD and after school!

Burger king and the movies!

Photoshoot with my babes <3


@ the restaurant


trying on dresses!


Today with JT just because both of us were dresscoded because of the text on his t-shirt and the text on my hoodie.... 











gatorade is my bae

Pictures from last days.

Matching with bae on friday! vv                 Yearbook with Hannah! :)

Ginnys B-Day! #nonalcoholic drinks!

Alyssa!!! <3 

Thursday going Friday

Hey. Sorry that I have not posted anything in a few days. I have not been doing anything but I have just been so tired. As I already said nothing interesting has happened. I hanged out with a couple of friends on monday, I think, and meet some new people which was fun. Yesterday my mum had an surgery and it went really well. She is feeling much better now which is good.

Today morning my alarma was set on for 5 and I woke up to it but I fell a sleep again and woke up 7.15 when mum walked in to my room. And we usually go from our house 7.30 to get to work and school. So I had to do my make-up in the car and I looked really bad. I was also out of dresscode but no one told me anything so that was good. I was almost late for school. So my morning was great. The first block, Spanish, I got to know that I have a 98,6 in the class which means that I have and A, 10 in the Finnish scale. That made me happy. The second block, forensics, I had an test and scored 92 and in the course I have 94 which also is an A. After that I felt pretty good. Yearbook was fun. Finally we did something that I had a little clue of what I was doing. Sorting papers. Hahah. 4th block was pretty cool except for the almost fight between two girls and a couple of dramas in the class. The class is so weird. 

So after school we went to our daily trip to walmart. Finally I have learned to control myself so I did not buy something. Had a bit trouble the first month when everything was new and soo cool and I just had to try out everything. So it felt good. So when we got home we started cooking dinner. One of mums friends had her birthday today so we celebated it with dinner.  Happy B-day Ginny! 

I am really looking forward for tomorrow. After school around 6 I am going to Burger King with a couple of friends and after that to watch the Maze Runner at the Oldham theather. After that I think Cristina is spending the night here. I am soo exited for that. Sierra is also coming back from her week with her dad so I am looking forward to spending some time with her. On Saturday we are having some kind o fphotoshooting with Sierra and Cristina so hopefully we might get some good pictures. It might be that we instead of the photoshooting are going to waterskii because it is starting to get cold here and next weekend it is fall break here and after that I think it is too cold to waterskii. I dont know but we will see. Whatever we decide to do, I garantee it is going to be awesome. On Sunday we dont have any other plans than to go to curch. We might go for a shopping trip but it is not sure yet. I need some clothes and sweathers. All of the sweathers I have are out of dresscode so I need some new ones. 

Hope you guys have a great day! <3 Lots of love <3


ps. pics later

btw. I have spent 62 days in the USA. I think. I am so tired rn but I think it should be 62. Yaaayy