My Year In Tennessee


Hey Readers. I am so sorry I have not been writing for a long time. Actually I have been super busy lately. I have had a yearbook deadline and I had to finish two pages for that one. I had to take pictures and write texts. I have also been trying to figure out my pictures from the fall break. There are so many pictures from that week so If I am only post in the best ones I would probable post like 80 pictures. Oh and I am just saying right now that this post is going to be super long so if you don't want to reed long texts, you can just leave this page right now! :)

On Tuesday we were out of school because of election day. So I spent the night between Monday and Tuesday at Cristina's place. The next morning we left to Nashville with her mum. We jus walked around at the Broadway. We ate at a really cute restaurant but the food was not that good. I found my perfect cowboy boots. They had everything that I wanted for the boots. The were light brown, had small heels and they had small cute carvings in them. The point by the toe was not the pointy which is good. So I was so happy when I found them in my size. But I got my heart broken. The prize was 305 dollars. And I am not paying that much for a pair of cowboy boots. Even though they looked so good. 
Today it is Friday and I am so happy. I am going to try to have a movie night at my house with a couple of friends but I am not sure yet. I will tell you about that later.
Lately it has been getting colder outside. Two weeks ago on friday we went to FCHS's last football game and it was freezing outside. At one point it started snowing but it snowed for like 10 seconds so not that much. It was fun though. After the game I had a sleepover with some friends in our guesthouse. That was awesome. So this morning it was 4 degrees celsius outside and yes that felt cold. But I am still not going to start wearing my winter jacket. I am saving that for later. I don't know why but inside the school it is freezing. The students always say that it is too hot inside and that they want the air-condition on, so guess what happens when I am the only one who don't wants that. They are so used to having cold inside over here. One day this week I thought I was going to die because I was so cold. The same is in our house at home. It is so cold inside that when I get home I always need to put more clothes on. Sometimes it feels like it is colder inside than outside. 
So I finally have everything set up with my phones. But guess what? That I dropped my phone in the toilet was not enough. Ofcourse my bankcards decided to stop working. One of my cards has not been working for 2 weeks now and some happiness happened yesterday. I was able to use my other card. 
A few weeks ago I was feeling really homesick. But I have awesome friends over here that really help me with that. I don't know why but the organization told us not to keep that much contact with family and friends back in Finland. But I feel that it actually helps me to talk to them. So right now I am feeling pretty good again. It really goes in waves. The hardest part is to see friends and family here being with their closest ones, when mine are spread all over the world. Thank god for Internet, Skype and FaceTime. 
Also my two favorite bands are having concerts here in Tennessee. But as I am so smart and saving mine and my dear parents money ;) I decided not to spend money to go and see them. Daughtry is having their concert in 10 days and Nickelback is having their in March. So I might have time to get together money to that one. 
One thing that really suck is that we changed the times on the clocks here like a week ago and in Finland they changed it 2 weeks ago and in Australia 3 weeks ago (I think). So before we changed times it was pretty good with all time difference. But right now it is really annoying. Between me and Daniela there are many hours so when I get up in the morning, she goes to sleep and before I go to sleep, she is in school or sleeping. So that is not that great. 
I just have to point something out again. I HATE THE DRESS CODE!!! I am just so mad that we can't wear anything with pattern on. No words to describe how much I hate that. Also about the school and everything I can tell you with happiness that I have done 2/6 of my after school detentions. The reason why I have those are because I have been late a few times. At first, when I had been late 3 times, I got 2 ASD (after school detentions). An then when I was late another time I got four more. So I had 6 detentions. Great. For one hour, two days a week, for 3 weeks I am spending time in a classroom doing nothing else than sitting on a chair staring into a blank white wall. AWESOME!
I just have to open my heart about something. Except for this one boy... There are 3 series that I LOVE! Revenge, Pretty Little Liars and Paradise Hotel Sverige. I just can't get enough of these tv-series. The problem is that Revenge and PLL are not publishing any episodes in a few weeks so I just have to wait. I just love Paradise Hotel. It is so stupid but it is so entertaining to watch their dramas and trouble. And some of those people on that program are so stupid (sorry!) but for example Ylva with her svengelska. It is horrible but fun. LOL
OKay I think I am done for todays writing. I am going to get back on the same track that I was on a few weeks ago. 
I hope you guys have a great day, week, month, year and life :) hahaha
Finland if you are reading this. I love you guys and miss you so much. 
btw. Sorry Mummi, Mufi, Famo och Fafa for not writing about my life here. I know you guys read my blog. And if you guys are texting to my phone, I get the text message but I can't text you back. I don't have International message so I can't send messages over seas. But I am really thankful for your messages. Love you guys! <3


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