My Year In Tennessee

Fall break is finally here

So today the Fall break started. I am so exited for this break. Tomorrow morning we are leaving at 6 in the morning to drive down to Atlanta. In Atlanta we are going to The World Of Coca. And to the Olympic Stadium. After that to the CNN Center. At 4 we are going to Cirkue De Solei (I dont know how to write it). I am so exsited for the whole day. Between the program we are probably just going to drive or walk around in Atlanta. The night we are staying at a hotel and the next day we  are leaving for Nashville. Dont know if we arre doing something else but I will figure that out at some point. 

In Nashville we really dont have any exact plans yet. I know we are going to some plases but I am not sure yet. Next week we are going to stay at a hottel and a few nights with my cousines. We have some plans for the week but they are not sure yet. On Thursday evening we should get home and it is also Mums birthday so we are probably going to celebrate it at some point. On friday I think I am going to hang our with a friend. Not sure yet but I will find something out. I am going to take my computer with me but I am not sure if there is wifi so I dont know if I am going to be able to post. If not I will tell everything when I get home. 

So yesterday I went to the hairdresser and put some highlights in my hair. I am really happy with my hair. I have pictures but I think I am posting them later. Today in school it was nice that that many people said something about my hair. Made me so happy. One thing that makes my day is when a really cute boy, that you really dont know, comes up to you in the hall and sais that you look beautiful. That happened to me and it just made my day. Yesterday in school we also had a bomb treath, that was creepy. The whole school out on the football field in 45 degrees celsius and no wind at all. PAIN. So we sat o9utside for like 45 minutes until the bomb team realized that there was no bomb. Someone wrote something in the bathroom about a bomb just to get to skip class. Worst idea ever.

Now I am going to go to sleep because I am super tired. Night everyone <3

-Stella :)



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