My Year In Tennessee

hey again

Yayyy It works again. I am soo happy. I have no idea why it has not been working until now. But now it is again. Okay so I still have a lot of pictures to post from the fall break and I am going to do that at some point. The last week I have not really been doing anything special. Finally I got my new phone so I am back in business. On friday we went with Cristina to Lincoln County High Schools homecoming game. We meet alot of new people and had a good time. After that we went to Cristinas place to spend the night. Yesterday evening I spent with a couple of friends and today I have been chilling out at my house and in a few hours I am meeting up with friends again. This week on Friday, I think, we have the first deadline in yearbook and I am freaking out about that. I am not even close to been done. So stressed. On friday I got my report and I was really happy. One B and the rest A's :)

bye <3


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