My Year In Tennessee

Homecoming week!

Hey everyone.

Right now I am in school writing this post. I am having forensics and we are not doing anything so I desided to write a post. Okay so the reason why I have not been writing is that I think my computer got hacked. My phone have not been showing any sign of life so that sucks...

This week in school  we are having homecoming week  which means that we are having dressup days and a peprally, a parade and a football game. Usually the schools here have a homecoming dance but FCHS does not have it. I dont know why. I think i\t is boring that they dont have it. The dressup days have been interesting. On monday we had 'Merica Monday, tuesday was favorite consert/band t-shirt and yesterday it was 60's/hippie day. Today it is favorite movie character day and tomorrow we have FCHS spirit wear. 

So on Monday I was dresscoded. It was 'Merica Monday, which means that you should wear the pattern of the flag and the colours were supposed to be red, white and blue. So I wore a plad that was red, blue and white. And ofcourse I was dresscoded because we are not allowed to wear pattern clothes. But on a paper for the homecomingweek it said that this week was supposed to be a exception. So yeah. I was a bit pissed off that day. I had to wear some old solid white t-shirt the whole day. Almost half of the school were dresscoded because the plads so.... 

On Tuesday I wore a balch t-shirt with The 1975's logo on it. On Wednesday I wora a tie dye and a flower crown. Toady i am not wearing anything special and I still dont know what to wear tomorrow. 

Today after school I am going to the phone store to see if they can save everything that I had on my phone. I will probably have to buy a new phone...  great...

Tomorrow me and Cristina are checking out of school in the middle of the day to get to the parade. After that we are going to one of my friends to  get ready for the game and after the gane we are going to a sleepover. I am not sure what I am doing on Saturday but I might go to Nashville with Cristina and her family or then I might just stay at home and then go to a birthday party to one of my friends. i dont know yet.

Talk to you later!

Miss you Finland!! <3


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