My Year In Tennessee

Should have bought that waterproof case...

Hey guys. I am home and safe after a week of fall break. It feels like I have been doing so much and that I have had plans everyday. I have maybe 700 pictures from this fall break that I would like to post. Right now I am super mad at myself because I have been without wifi for 4 days and when I finally had the oppertunity to have wifi I dropped the phone in the toilet. So my phone is in a bag of rise right now. I hope that it is going to work because otherwise I will loose all of my pictures and I wont have a phone. I dont know what to do. I had plans on friday with a few friends but we desided to stay at my cousines farm a bit longer and when I did not have wifi I could not tell them that so they probably hate me. I am begging that my phone will work because I dont want to loose my pics and everything and I dont want to buy a new phone again. I will try to update again tomorrow about what is going on.

Night <3



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