My Year In Tennessee

dresscode sucks (sorry for the bad word)


This past few days have been pretty good.

Friday was awesome. First school and then to Burger King with a couple of frineds and then to Oldham Theather to watch Maze Runner. I really love that movie. Dylan O'Brian <3 he is my maaan! After that we just walked around at the Square with friends. After that I went home and got some beauty sleep.

In the morning it was time for pictures. One of mums frineds from work was going to take pictures of Cristina, Sierra and me. Me and Cristina needed then for our senior pictures and just because it was fun. We took a lot of pictures at different places. I have nott seen the pictures yet but I will post them when I get them. After the photos were taken we went to John T's BBQ and ate. After we ate we went to try on prom dresses just for fun. It was cool. Did not find my dream dress but a few really cute ones! Then we went home. In the evening Cristina came to our place and we went to Bethanys house and saw a movie. It was fun. After the movie we came to my house and did some stuff and then we went to bed. 

When we woke up on sunday and had45 minutes to get ready for church. After church we went to get some allergie medicin to Cristina. Then we drove her home and I face timed with my family. Älskar er!! <3 After that we went to Murfeesboro for a small family party. When we came home I made school lunch for today and made brownies. Before I made the brownies we went to Walmart to get some ingredience. I taught Sierra a few phrases in swedish. hahahah. it was so much fun XD.

Today I have been really tired and rn I am just chilling because I dont have any homework.

Bye <3


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This is what we do in yearbook! XD and after school!

Burger king and the movies!

Photoshoot with my babes <3


@ the restaurant


trying on dresses!


Today with JT just because both of us were dresscoded because of the text on his t-shirt and the text on my hoodie.... 












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