My Year In Tennessee

Thursday going Friday

Hey. Sorry that I have not posted anything in a few days. I have not been doing anything but I have just been so tired. As I already said nothing interesting has happened. I hanged out with a couple of friends on monday, I think, and meet some new people which was fun. Yesterday my mum had an surgery and it went really well. She is feeling much better now which is good.

Today morning my alarma was set on for 5 and I woke up to it but I fell a sleep again and woke up 7.15 when mum walked in to my room. And we usually go from our house 7.30 to get to work and school. So I had to do my make-up in the car and I looked really bad. I was also out of dresscode but no one told me anything so that was good. I was almost late for school. So my morning was great. The first block, Spanish, I got to know that I have a 98,6 in the class which means that I have and A, 10 in the Finnish scale. That made me happy. The second block, forensics, I had an test and scored 92 and in the course I have 94 which also is an A. After that I felt pretty good. Yearbook was fun. Finally we did something that I had a little clue of what I was doing. Sorting papers. Hahah. 4th block was pretty cool except for the almost fight between two girls and a couple of dramas in the class. The class is so weird. 

So after school we went to our daily trip to walmart. Finally I have learned to control myself so I did not buy something. Had a bit trouble the first month when everything was new and soo cool and I just had to try out everything. So it felt good. So when we got home we started cooking dinner. One of mums friends had her birthday today so we celebated it with dinner.  Happy B-day Ginny! 

I am really looking forward for tomorrow. After school around 6 I am going to Burger King with a couple of friends and after that to watch the Maze Runner at the Oldham theather. After that I think Cristina is spending the night here. I am soo exited for that. Sierra is also coming back from her week with her dad so I am looking forward to spending some time with her. On Saturday we are having some kind o fphotoshooting with Sierra and Cristina so hopefully we might get some good pictures. It might be that we instead of the photoshooting are going to waterskii because it is starting to get cold here and next weekend it is fall break here and after that I think it is too cold to waterskii. I dont know but we will see. Whatever we decide to do, I garantee it is going to be awesome. On Sunday we dont have any other plans than to go to curch. We might go for a shopping trip but it is not sure yet. I need some clothes and sweathers. All of the sweathers I have are out of dresscode so I need some new ones. 

Hope you guys have a great day! <3 Lots of love <3


ps. pics later

btw. I have spent 62 days in the USA. I think. I am so tired rn but I think it should be 62. Yaaayy


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